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une île Kangourou Odyssey

A Kangaroo Island Island Odyssey 3rd edition

As translated from the title. The trip was between 25th-28th February and the idea was conceived and became bulletproof during the Innes trip. From initial 10 people(2 cars) that wanted to join, it eventually ended up to 5 people. With a strong conviction and planning, a holiday house and exorbitant ferry tickets were booked.

First Day

Our steed for the journey was a Hyundai Sonata, Tawakkal's. He went through alot to service and even repair the air conditioning for the trip. A fine steed indeed.

Since Tawakkal works, we had to wait for him. The plan was for him to pick up Aswad and I at Maylands and then Ikhwan and Jube'. He was late as his chatty landlord came and we departed Adelaide during rush hour, in which we spent an hour in. It was almost 5 o'clock by the time we exited the Southern Expressway and there was like 90km and a exasperatingly slow Subaru SUV in front of us, which eventually entered thee ferry forst although we queed earlier. To sum up, we were dashing like madness itself to catch the ferry and reached it 15 minuted before departure.All was well, the car was loaded, our SLRs came out of their backs, Ikhwan's insane laughter of joy echoed and the ferry set sail.

First Day:Peregrines

The Spirit of Kangaroo Island berthed at the Penneshaw port and unloading began. It was a fine afternoon and the sun was hanging low over the horizon. We boarded our steed and took the Kingscote Highway, along which we stumbled upon the I centre and took 5 Kangaroo Island booklets as souvenirs.

Our home for the trip would be Peregrines Retreat, a Holiday unit at Kingscote, the biggest town on the Island and loacted 60km from Peneshaw. The Island is big and distances between settlements stretches between 50-100km but with an almost deserted road, we reached Kinscote in 30 minutes at tawakkal's 140km/h driving skills.

After refilling fuel, we headed towards Brownlow and reached Peregrines Retreat. It was a small domicile with two rooms, a small kitchenette, an extremely small shower room and a small toilet outside. But it was cheap and so tidy, The furniture is very modern and they even provided us with DVDs. After we settled in, Aswad demonstrated his culinary skills and cooked a fantasic and satisfying dinner of Cheese pasta and a roast chicken(from Coles though) with a salad of cucumbers,onions,tomatoes and mayonnaise. Watched one DVD and then hit the sack.

Day 2

We only have one whole Day to explore the island and the island exploration began at 7am. First destination, Flinders National Park.

Flinders National Park

We arrived at the park at before 9am, hence the ranger office was closed

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