Friday, April 30, 2010

I am a bad blogger yet again

Once again, I have been neglecting my blog, the cause, an emotional roller coaster following my transition from a quiet Adelaide life to the rat race life in KL

Last entry

Last entry I made was in March, shortly before I returned to KL.

Last days in Adelaide

Went to see Queen Mary which was diputedly the largest cruise ship in the world..but following my return to Malaysia, I gained so much knowledge watching Astro and just knew that the biggest cruise ship is in the US just finished construction last year.


It's a thing I like to do...I am very generous..tak kedekut....spendthrift..although I was labelled berkira by stingy people...when I am in a good mood...I'll go to Afghan and but a kilo or two of mutton or chicken and ask Aswad to cook for I exercised my generosity one last time in Adelaide the night before I balik KL. It was OK.

Bye2 Camry SV21

I felt extremely sad when I sold the car to Penggadis tak sedar diri no.1..I never regretted buying the car and I was darn proud of owning it...travelled to the Murray River,Barossa, and Goolwa with it.

Balik Malaysia

Balik one sent me..aku ni kan loser.......bak kata sorang mamat tu kat sume orang2 cool di Adelaide..sorry aku ni sensitive and it is so hard for me to forgive idiots.


House repainted,all rooms have aircond, new wardrobe and a new bookcase of love Malay novels courtesy to my auntie........and pool was finally fixed.alhamdulillah rezeki murah.Swam everyday.,..watched alot of Travel and Adventure and watch Al I asked my mom if I could work with her.

In addition, my mom, who shared with my aunt bought a 5 room terrace house in Shah Alam which is almost completed, Since my grandma live with us now and our condo which is nice but goddamn didn't have an elevator was proving an inconvenience to my grandma.So the plan is for me,grandma and the stupid maid to live in Shah Alam by next year and hopefully I could get a job around the Klang Valley.

UniKL part time staff

Luckily SPM was just out and my mom's dept became shorthanded, so I became a part time staff at my mom's mom is a real infamous senior manager(the only female of the senior managers ) so all my mom's staff are so cautious with job was doing documentation works..keying in names of students..registering straight A students who do not know how to fill in online forms......asking parents questions through the phone..often listening to them babble and giving excuses like 'saya ni cuma kerani Puan' when I don't know the answer. What I enjoy most was asking the queries from international students who drop in to inquire about UniKL courses, since my mom's staff, being the typical Malay they are speak pidgin English, they willingly give the task to me,although I don't think I speak as well as my mom,but I am a confident speaker at least.


After two weeks working at UniKL, back to Australia, after four weeks in Malaysia...I really felt like a douche ...regretted going back..I wanted to move on..but tickets and hotels were booked.

Went to Gold Coast for 3 days,went Harbor Town, Sea World where the best thing we did was snorkeling in a aquarium with real sharks(tame ones) and manta rays, the ones that killed Steve was magical and totally pawned all my snorkeling experience in P.Perhentian.I really recommend people go to SeaWorld to snorkel, apparently their snorkelling tank is among the best in the world.

AFter that, tigered to Adelaide, stayed at Comfort Inn, clean and tidy with shitty blonde receptionists.Adelaide was really boring....I think because I came as a is boring, since we came during the weekends, the city was practically dead so on Saturday and Sunday we just rested at the Hotel, ate a Silk Road for dinners.

Monday, grad time, got the robes and boating hat, into Elder Hall then Bonython, listened to 'Orochimaru' theme like melodies being played in an organ, boring speeches and lining up to receive the scroll, took picures with our hats thrown into the air.....did that done that....saw many faces..some I wanted to see..some I don't.....those stuff took one whole freaking day and we were so tired and slept till 9pm after we got back to the hotel and went to a uighur restaurant at a Northern Suburb(my knowledge of Adelaide suburbs is fast dwindling) that's it...esok..tigered Melbourne.


Nothing much to say.But I was glad to come to Melbourne, such a photogenic city, my 7th visit to the city within 5 years.We spent shopping at the SoutherWharf DFO,so much cheap stuff, got two jeans and two shirts, the rest of the shopping is for my mom and lil sis. I don't know how much we spent but it included a Wii Fit Plus and the board think.We are not rich but we know how to spend to enjoy ourselves when the time and price is right.

Balik KL

23rd April, the Australian holiday ended. I studied there for four years and traveled into almost every state,Melbourne,Sydney,Tasmania,Perth,Kangaroo Island(three times!!!),Lancelin,Great Ocean Road etc. including New Zealand except NT and I did many interesting stuff.I have finished my degree and it is time to move on, fine a job, secure a loan that I will pay for the rest of my life and buy a house...I am so gonna be a home owner.


Had three so far, Two with job agencies and one with Materialise,an unknown Belgian AUTOCAD specialist co. in Europe who claim they're the best at something in Europe, Materialise courteously rejected me the next day after the interview..huhu..but they have a small shitty office at Damansara and I am not keen in working in a rat hole(damsn my ego is big) now I will continue applying for dubious engineering positions on jobstreet and The Star and hope for the at UNiKL and slow talk with students from Iran and Abuja and listen to Malay parents with children who almost fail their SPM ranting that UniKL should not allow non-Malays to enrol..sheeeeshhh

That summarises the thing I have been up to...Assalamualaikum


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