Friday, May 07, 2010

May 2010.....officially 6 months jobless but I want a car.

Job hunting

It seem UniAde degrees are poorly recognizsed because in my interviews the interviewers do not even know that Adelaide is in Australia. Prolly they thought UniAde was some dumbshit IPTS in a shophouse, but given that UniAde facilities are always overcrowded it is like one anyway.To people reading this...I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU AGAINT TAKING ENGINEERING IN UNIADELAIDE but you are welcome to take dumb courses like accounting and law over there,


My mom went to Mongolia right now on a marketing mission. According to AL-Jazeera Mongolian society is fucked up thanx to Vodka.Forgot to tell her to bring back some Genghis Khan souvenirs of there are any besides vodka.


I deduced that public transportation is pointless when you live 15 minutes away from the city centre by car when there is no jam.I mean, it takes me about 45 minutes just to get from Dang Wangi to Wangsa Maju by Kelana Jaya Line including the time to walk, buy ticket,queue and board and then either take bus/taxi to my house.Whereas by car it's just 10-15 minutes via the AKLEH highway.

Hence I've been interested in buying a car should I secure a long term engineering job. I expect that I'd work around Klang Valley as far as Klang if I get a job ear KL..if not prolly Perak,N9,MelakanPenang and Johor.

Which Car?

I don't want big car, not in Malaysia but I'd love to have a Camry SV12 like in Adelaide but with our climate and poor maintenance I am targeting a hatchback, not as small as Kelisa but something that suits my height.Since I am utterly disgusted that we pay so much for a new car, it has to be second hand and reliable.The options are

Naza Sutera 1.1-Good reviews...nice interior, high so not difficult to get in as Kelisa.But it actually looks awkward. The good plus is that the pre-owned ones are so cheap.

Inokom Atos 1.0- Plenty on the roads,better looking than the horrible Kenari but personally it looks like a granny car. I have to be choosy too in terms of looks.

Hyundai Accent-Ok,this is not a hatchback but it is inexpensive and the brand is pretty good and not so expensive. The 1.5 engine means that I could enjoy a nice drive interstate on the highways.

Proton Saga/Wira-Errrr..sorry to say this but not interested in dinosaurs.

Hyundai Getz- The pre-owned ones are pretty expensive but this is a very relible and popular car overseas even in Europe and Australia.If my pay is OK, maybe I can afford it.

New Car?

A new car is possible, but it has to be local brand and less than RM50k and have good fuel consumption.No MYvi but I am attracted to the Hyundai/Inokom i10.

I'll just have to wait and see, many factors in the decision to buy a car.But in the near future, should our half past 6 government expand the LRT which should include a larger area of the Klang Valley and the improvement of the bus service through the BET and BRT systems, I may use the car less to go to work should my workplace in KV be reachable by PT...this is a resolution I guess.

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