Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 gone already-Part 3 and hopefully the last

Ok..dive into the second semeser of 2008.

Nothing exciting.I only have 4 subjects and three subjects worth mentioning are Astrophysics and Space Science and Engineering System Design and Communicaion.As fro Astro, don't let the fancy name fool's actually a very boring Star Trek..mind you..I am sort of a Star Trek fan.This subject as expected talk about planets,stars and the cosmos...interesing sometimes but too much do they really kno how a nebula looks like let alone deterime the constant of some damn radiation..we've been near to any of those interstellar objects..nak gi bulan pun dah struggle.....dunno why I talk about this subject if it's boring but it is different from the other already boring engineering subjects.As for ESDC, I mention coz it has no exam just lots of course works that bear on your head like a three ton truck and a big group project.My group all Mat Salleh,one China guy and one ABC...all annoying including me.. nak tunjuk pandai.Our group was fine but I was frustrated at how the group works...every meeting someone is always meeting and our leader was pretty indecisive and only reprimand the Asians in our group.All and all, I got Credit for both these subjecs,that's why I mention them..haha.The other two subjects got Gareth and Maziar as I am sure you don't wanna know about them especially the mechy dudes.So what these two genius taught...Dynamics and Control II and Aeronautical I.The mechy dudes for next year are lucky as Aero I will become an elective subject for mechy programs..lucky bajingos!!!!

What happened between study.Can't remember really,really busy or something.But puasa was in September,nothing much except I always open fast at the mosque for the good food and Hussen suddenly disappear(later found out his gf visit haha...siut...really I didnt know till he ajak me gi dinner sesame but I malas gi sebab memang I malas) and then went waste money at Adelaide showground.Oh yeah shortly before Raya I went to Manifest...same story like AVCON but I think AVCON have better talents and cosplayers and more organized.At Melbourne I stay at Saiful's house above Lazzat..these guy pay the rent which include 2 meals a day..haiyo..Merang and Nazir who also stay there montel..haha..Saiful as usual stay slim..demit.So Manifest was still alot of fun..being the biggest otaku has sooo many participants and the souvenirs and producys more interesting.I bought a box set called Requiem..quite a disgusting anime..only one CD left maybe next year abis. September also got MASCA election...Hussen jd VP and Book Prez.Tong's already swot vac..I got hit by a bicycle whil cycling..compensated..bought new like crazy for 2 weeks....I tell you..I started having the habit of waking up really early that I even had time to cook and tapau lunch so that I can lunch at CATS(our comp lab) and not waste time berbual at Swingin or HJ.But bad luck besieged me..some bastard stole my bike...2 days before the Astro paper...arghhhh....but I pasrah je..beskal je pun.I am not poor le.So after exam.....Hussen gi GOR trip...Nik and Lutfi balik Malaysia already.Me..biasele..kene abandon but god sent ANUian Wei Liang and his hist of Medical student buddies(Ash,Zi Hao,Joe and Sam from Melbourne) and Hui Lyn from Sydney to SA.Wei Liang only know me coz we always YM about politics and we are quite ngam.So I become their navigator and jalan2 SA in three days.Wow..Wei Liang and his friends sure know how to travel in style...speeding all the way.In one day we covered the Hills and Barossa Valley and the following day we covered Monarto Zoo,Murray River Cliffs,Goolwa and Victor Harbour.The only new place I've been to is the Murray River Cliff.Now this excursion is interesting, we actually missed the early Monarto Zoo tour sessions and have 5 hours till our safari bantaile ke Murray Bridge to see something old lady(rather ga ga) at the I centre told us in a shaking voice that we could see nice cliffs at Mannum..cliffs..what cliffs..never heard of them..Wei Liang teruja so we pecut 70km to Mannum..over there see no cliffs and ask the I centre..'sorry have to go 70km North to Walker Flat to see them'....argue2....we're here already what the heck..we still have 3 pecut...the second Budget Yaris driven by the gals nak abis minyak..sume cuak..lights were flashed and nervous conversations occurred via our mobiles but sampai jugak Walker Flat and ..Masya-Allah...the cliffs were beautiful that I become mad with enthusiasm and even the otehr guys cheered up.So we epent 1 hour..crossing the river(really cool cable driven ferry) and drive along the cliffs on the other side of Murray River and taking pics.After that we all pecut to Monarto jus in time for the last Safari tour.But after that we pecut to Goolwa....dig out some sample cockles to impress Wei Liang and stop at Victor Harbour to chill our, chase after two seals and have dinner at a Thai restaurant. We returned to Adelaide when it was already dark and all was well until Wei Liang's car git flashed by a speed cam...huhu..he was really disppointed not because of $$ but bcause he wanted to have a clean record.The next day they returned to their respective cities.Travelling with these guys were different and fun..I got to enter a wine cellar, talk different topics during the trip(debate about Mahathir hahaha) and see new places like Murray River,Thanx guys for visiting SA.

Ok...shortly Hussen balik.Tinggal kite due je.During this time I kinda worried about results especially Aero I but I was overwhelmingly bored.Oh yeah..forget to mention..on Wednesday I went to the Innes National Park on the Yorke Peninsular..Zaipul and Ajay were supposed to join us but these two hombre capito canceled their participation in the last minute with many excuses despite the trip being a day trip I ajak Husen and Husen ajak Pidut..he other guys who joined us was Lebau..haha..god knows how I manage to drag Lebau out of in Budget Yaris.we drove for 4 hours to Innes and stopped at Ardrossan for lunch(I cooked nasi goreng belacan,baked chicken,potato salad and sweet corn..I am also a macho chef!!!) .Now Yorke Peninsular is mostly wheat and Barley farms and the towns extremely basic but driving to Innes was extremely pleasan and the sea bluer than usual.By midday we reached Innes National Park and visied three gorgeous beaches-Dolphin Bay,Shell Bay and Brown Beach but wehanged around Dolphin Bay as the other two beaches are dangerous.The sea is damn cerulaean blue and we had Dolphin Bay all to we mandi manda in the rather cold sea and had late lunch there..but Lebau tak mandi sebab malu nak tunjuk after that we drove back for about 3 hours and arrived safely home by 10pm.But on Wednesday night...only Allah knows why...Umar Farouq invited me to a Moonta trip..I've never been there and this gives me a chance to escape Adelaide at least for the weekend...I say yes la..Hussen mule2 xnak ikut ikut jugak..after I pujuk him..I have to have him by my side..haha.Next day on Thursday night, Alif ajak gi bowling..apelagi joinle die dgn Pidut,Padlan and Li bowling...main one game only coz we came in late.Hussen x ikut sebab kedekut..buek.Next day on Friday,went to a BBQ organzied by Syafiq Mat.This amazing senior who helped alot of people and a very good example of a good Muslim and human being was about to I had to come..even though Allah put a Christmas pageant in front my house which diverted the bus from my area..I still walked to Wilcox with two ice cream cases of keropok Terengganu..and it was worth it...eating with friends and good seniors like Faruk Ramli,Mat Shah and Syafiq Mat..buat lawak bodoh..biasele.

So after the BBQm,went home pack for Moonta trip,Hussen gatal gi keje Swingin..kesian Omar datang amik kami tunggu die..hehehe.So went to Broadview,waited for the other and in one car and a van we departed for Moonta which was two hours drive away.We stayed at a holiday house rented out by a the house have pics of Mat Salleh's family around the house.It was a nice house with a shelf full of of nice books like Guinness World Book of Records which kept us awake ..Hussen should be in the book le....haha..damn tall and macho.We all slept late and woke early to go to the jetty..this was my first time and damn was I impressed...kalah all the jetties in Adelaide coz the sea at Moonta is also cerulean blue like Innes' beaches.We spent like 4 hours from 7am fishing and crabbing.Umar Faruq caught the beginner's luck when he caught a relatively big squid which later went into our nasi goreng..haha.But throughout the morning we caught very few crabs and lost a squid. Coz we didn't have enough sleep..we spent the whole afternoon sleeping and just chill out.The next day we returned to the jetty to continue fishing the whole day.I also swan near the jetty with Hussen,Alif and Dr Jemir..the water damn cold but it was still a pleasant swim.That afternoon, we had BBQ and cooked chicken wings and whatever we caught from the sea which include 11 crabs which were OK.So after the BBQ we all chill out and had a seesion we introduce ourself..damn long three hours coz the juniors talk alot..haha..I only talk like 3 minutes je kot.By next morning we sped for Adelaide and arrived by noon.But then, only Allah knows why Acap called and told me its Fara's birthday...arghh..gila gila..why everything good is happening on this wee...since I can't bake a cheese cake which I usually do for close friends I rushed to a nearby bakery which was nice enough to offer me their freshly baked log cake..which Fara really liked thank goodness.At her party,met the photography,Aero and macam2 gang-Said,Padla,Ina,Fara,Alif,Pdut,Huwaida etc- and others..Hussen pun ikut after I pujuk him..ngeh.We ate Biryani rice(Anne masak hahahah) and two cakes and two tubs of ice creama nd played Uno and Life.It was a crazy night...haha...really had lots of fun despite tired from previous Innes and Moonta trips.

So after not much happen.Two week before I go to Perth.Hussen went early coz he's confident he's not getting supp and left me all alone...sob sob.The week before I went to Perth it was Raya Haji and Umar Faruq was really nice to drop by and gave me 2kg of lamb and only Allah knows why Saiful dumped his Ikea furniture at my house since his lease expired.So I have 2kg of lamb,lots of food in the fridge and Ikea furniture which include a dining table and 2 rocking chairs..ape lagi..buat open house la..a small one though coz I tak larat masak sengsorang for many people.I only invited the Wilcox dudes,the Ovingham dudes and Apam..about ten people all in all.I cooked Curried Lamb,Korma Lamb,Biryani rice and of course baked chicken with potato salad and sweet corn.I also rearranged the living room supaya nampak macho like me haha.So that night..the dinner was successful..they all liked the Korma lamb coz it goes well with the biryani rice..sedap hati.So at least already balas budi umah Wilcox who always open up their fridge for me and budak Ovingham(Only Acap,Fahmi and Ezy came) who always invite to eat at their house and macam2.So I actually had a busy week despite being alone...met lots of people along the way.So by Saturday,Apam,Fahmi and I went to Perth with three full days o explore Western Ausralia..those three days will be detailed in another post......

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