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2008 already gone-Part 1

Alamak, its already 2008.Last time I put a entry here is about the iftar at UniSA. In addition when I read the previous posts all have bad grammar and spelling mistakes.What a bad blogger I am. Since I seem to have at least several posts for each year, maybe I just write as much as possible about this year.It is my responsibility as a blogger.

As you may already know, this year I 'tersesat' into junior's house. The MARA house has dispersed.Book lives in Highwgate while Apam and Wok were supposed to live together but Wol discontinue his study here and sambung in Malaysia(good nluck to Wok,miss ur onde onde and lepat pisang).Fortunately, Hussen offered me a place since one of his housemate 'keluar rumah'.Lucky.Because of 5 week practical, I returned to Adelaide later and so have to enjoy Pulau Redang while Hussen,Lutfi and Nik find the house.Fortunately they found a good house,machola korang.So far my current roomates sume best...tak kacau saya..macho2..ade awek..saya je sorang single.Takpele..saya observe sajele bile ade drama..pastu repot kat Apam..hehe.

So this year started pretty well.First semester started taking some Aerospace subjects such as Space Vehicle Design and Aerospace Materials.The other three are mechanical subject. This I begin to have more group courseworks, so have to work with strangers.For the Aerospace Materials I gang up with the Mat Salleh who likes to throw paper aeroplanes during Maths 1A and1B,alamak and one Mat Sallah who keeps wearing thin colorful T-shirts and beach shorts even during autumn and winter.But they were OK, the first Mat Salleh,Matthew tu badan macho just nice,tak cacat kerana dia ni agak playboy dgn pompuan,sorang lagi tu,Jordan badan muscle tapi ala montel,aku..hehe..boroi seprti biasa.Surprisingly both of them were pretty easy to work with,and I chatted alot with the naughty Matthew.Our report also not bad although we only got Pass.So far even in sem 2 this year,Matthew will tegur me by my name,nice guy..Jordan plak tak layan aku sangat. For Space Vehicle Design, Prof.Vincent kasi group projct in second half of semester,so adele 3 minggu sebelum exam untuk design sebuah space probe!! Takpe takpe,group ni pun macho2, ade Salween,Alex and sorang Mat Salleh tak ingat name,seperti biasa ade sorang hampeh ta datang meeting langsung.Fortunately,the project went smoothly and we submitted a pretty god puas hati.The other subject biase je,Kotousov and Gareth ade ajar subjek masing2 while ade satu subjek tu setiap minggu tukar lecturer..bosaaan. result sem 1 this year okle..dapat merase 2 D hehe.Subject Gareth and Kotousov tu jangan haraple nak dpt D.

Besides studying,of course I wajib keluar Adelaide traveling. So my first excursion was during mid sem break in April. First excursion was to Aldinga Beach.Program Mongger/Syafiq Mat.Okle..first time gi Aldinga..sume junior apparently dah berjaulah ke situ,so senior2 batch aku yg nakal je join.We stayed for one night,BBQ dgn sosej/kambing yg terlalu banyak,tazkirah,berkongsi pengalaman dgn mongger,aswad,yin dan abang din yg pernah bekerja dan mandi laut sejuk pantai Aldinga.Lepas balik dr Aldinga the next morning,petang tu jugak kene naik bas gi Melbourne!!!I spent about 4 days in Melbourne.

Aldinga Beach.

So obviously previous night bergosip sampai tengah malam,penat gile...dah la kene naik bas ke Melbourne.Selepas 12 jam naik Firefly,sampai Melbourne,Fendi keje so kene gi Melbourne Central alone tunggu die.After meeting him,went to his nice Apartment which he shares with KaiKai and a cat which was offered free by a Lab Assistant.Dunno why la this Fendi keep the cat...the litter tray penuh!!! What I did in Melbourne?That night went to Sofia,a very nice Italian/Greek restaurant which serves halal chicken.Ade le 12 orang my batch dan org yg tak dikenali join,kami sume bantai anything with chicken on the menu and share.Unfortunately, the chicken Fendi ordered rasa masam,argue skit dgn waiter dapat ayam baru.but I also ordered the same thing as ilang selera plak tapi kami share2 what we kenyang gile.

Dinner at Sofia.Meriah.

The next day,Fendi and I bantai gi Great Ocean Road.Fendi ikut sebab die ade kupon free tiket..siuuut.So from 8am-8pm we toured the great Ocean Road,looking at strange houses of rich people, taking pictures of the coast and the rocks jutting out of the sea.During the journey,Fendi and I apelagi,bergosip gila babi, between the two us,we could talk like 10 people haha.The trip was nice,I like visiting new places with a goodfriend.But I think the Great Ocean Road a bit overrated cause you could see the same views almost anywhere in Australia without the 12 Apostles(previously called the Sow and her piglets,so nama 12 Apostles tu gimmick tourism je).Malam tu penat gile,so next day of course tido sampai tengahari.Regarding Kaikai,mase sampai jumpe sekejap,pastu die gi class,maklula,budak medic,takde life tapi mase gi Sofia die masak utk awek,so kene balik lambat.Next day after GOR,berbual dgn die sekejap,mase cakap pasal Ash,die tetiba call Ash jadi terpaksala cakap dgn Ash..Ash mesti ingat aku ni gila ke ape..gile betul KaiKai!!!

Great Ocean Road.Another Corner of Victoria conquered.Next time Mornington Peninsular

I think what I wrote for the first sem is already too much.So I'llcontinue in Part 2.

P.S.:Saiful Nizam patah tangan main bola mase aku lawat Melbourne.Skang die ade prut yang 'seksi'

Saiful Nidzam patah tangan main bola

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