Saturday, September 15, 2007

Onde-onde by Wok and me

Iftar at UniSA 15th Sept 07

Yesterday, in preparation of the iftar organizaed by MISSA,UMNO and other unknows Malaysian organizations, WOk and I embarked on a task to make onde-onde or buah Melaka to be brought to the iftar which is also a pot luck event.

We toiled over the stove, mixing rice flour, pandan flavouring, artificial coloring to make the sticky dough.Then stuffing them with brown sugar and rolling them into small green balls which are then coated with coconut flakes.

We carefully placed them in a container. There were precisely 99 onde onde.Aren't they beautiful. Later we found out why people say beutiful things don't last forever.

Onde-Onde .Gone in 5 minutes.

After the mad rush to grab any food on the table and finding myself only having one onde-onde,some doritos ,fish crakers and jejemput.We had some tazkirah from oncologist Dr.Zul giving a talk about returning to the teachings of the Koran.

Before Isya' and Tarawih, we had Nasi Ayam by Abang Zam. the soup was nice .

Throughout the event, fate commanede Aie to give his cameras under my protection, which I toyed around, satisfying my thirst to handle a DSLR. I also toyed with Fadhlan's semi pro.Aren't they beautiful.

The venue of the event was within a long and wide place corridor in a UniSA building.Quite a strange to hold prayers as during the day people just walk through the area to get to offices and classes. And Check out the strange roof. The building is painted in an awfully bright yellow color, thank god that color is not indoors too.

Lastly, we had Azmi as a facilitator for the event He grabbed out attention to control us and spell bounded us with colrful images and videos on the projector to keep our babbling Malaysian mouths quiet.Good show Azmi.

Azmi doing magic tricks with the projector


.:farayas:. said...

assalammualaikum, hijaz,
how on earth i didnt know u have a blog??
nway, keep on blogging. :D.
i'll visit regularly. hehe

nazira said...

Tak tau pun kau ade blog jugak..