Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 already gone-Part 2

Ok..I continue from my previous post..which was 4 week ago..sigh.

So after the mid sem break..I continue with my studies especially the group projects for Aerospace Materials and Space Vehicle Design..tong tong tengok dah exam. During this period Husen and Lutfi planned their NZ trip..I did not follow because do not have $$ and waiting to go with people I know..ahakz..but maybe regret this decision coz 2009 very busy year because of final year project...not sure can go NZ or not...takpe tengok rezeki....if I do well in my final project get good results and get big job at some lombong then I travel NZ and the world.

So,exam come and go.The day my exam habis Saiful Nizam and Nazir came to visit.So I sewa kete manual(i hate manual but redah je) and take them jalan2 Adelaide Hills in one day.The next day we joined Isuzu Aizu to the Barossa Valley, other people who joined us were 4 juniors,Achik,Zaity and Hussen.This is my second time to the valley but this time we visited many places..very tiring and we left by nightfall after a wrong turn here and there.

The problem with Intan is that her plans are always spontaneous...that night after the Barossa trippo she says 'let's go to the Kanagaroo Island'..argue argue she won next morning..Saiful,Isuzu Aizu,Zaity,Nazir and I depart.Hussen and Lutfi will leave for NZ the next day so they cannot follow and Achik lepak with her friend. I drove(I am the only driver coz the others can't drive manual) like crazy towards ape Jervis..we want to catch the 9 am ferry but we could only get on the 10am ferry.By 11am reached the island..ape lagi pecut like crazy...gear 5 all the way coz only have one day to travel Kanagaroo Island...Saiful and Nazir balik melbourne esok.haish.Drive drive covered the National Park,Magnificent Rocks and Seal Bay in about 7-8 hours.Malam we stayed at a Chalet at Kingscote,bought food at Foodland and cook our own dinner.The next the jetty take more pics then take ferry, pecut like crazy for the airport..dropped Saiful and Nazir at airport ,send Isuzu Aizu and Zaity to Ovingham...return the Budget Yaris and balik.When balik Hussen and Lutfi was leaving for airport.Nik already left for Gold Coast with his gf..I was all alone for 2 weeks..tapi takpe...I busy myself worrying about the exam like crazy...but exam OK so I regret not planning any trippo...waaarghhh.

So after Hussen,Lutfi and Nik balik..memasing nak berlagak gi NZ and Gold Goast..arghh...rase loser lak...dahle aku senior tp Gold Coast ape lagi NZ pun tak sampai lagi.Hussen siap jumpe girlfriend kat NZ..huaarggh.Tapi around this time already busy with new semester but still have time for fun. Isuzu Aizu ajak makan2 at her house, and since its also around my birthday I went there to make three bloody cheesecakes and only god knows why I did it..makan2 with budak Ovingham and budak OG road..bdk2 my house dunno why didn't come..layan awek kot or busy with something else. At Ovingham Farayas ajak gi Anime Convention(AVCON 2008) I am no Otaku.layan jugakle but not an Otaku..since dah bosan ikut je le.So one Saturday before the new semester,I line up at Union House where where AVCON is held and many mat salleh in was exciting and glad that I cycled in the cold to this event.Got the weekend ticket after 2 hours queuing and joined promptly by Fara,Nani and Acap and we round round the Uni grabbing people in interesting cosplays and take pics with them..haha. Other stuff we did were wasting taxpayer's $$$ on souvenirs, watch animes being screened in lecture theaters and attend short seminars on animes and Otaku stuff.One panel I enjoyed was the doll I met Salmy and Lizzy who also collect Japanese dolls,which are ball jointed dolls which are very expensive.What they do is buy the body and dress the dolls up in clothes they either buy or sew could also change the head and arms and stuff...sort of like playing with Frankenstein dolls.It's actually a very rewarding hobby and apparently guys do this stuff I also got interested and culik Salmy's 'Devrin' and molest the doll for a while.All and all it was an interesting event..the final event is where the cosplayers went on staged and sing,dance and do small sketches.I tell you,they were really good and really really was the best 3 hours of the semester.

So shortly after AVCON, the new semester starts. But I already planned with Fara to go another Anime Festival in Melbourne called MANIFEST I crazy or what but I am still no Melbourne again.I'll tell about it in the next post.So..that wraps up my first semester for 2008.

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