Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perth Trip in 2008!!

Hello everybody!!! Anybody here!!! Guess not..who cares.As usual, I make very long posts in this blog every 6 months or for each semester. However, this post is different, because before this, I only make a post after the semester I will be rambling less about my exam results.My last entry was written out of due to post-boredom. Meanwhile, this post is prompted by post-preliminary report boredom.Enough yapping.

Firstly,what happened after December 2008. Simply, after the trip around SA twice and the trip to the Yorke Peninsular and Moonta. I promptly went to Perth for 3 full days before taking flight to KL.Hussen abandoned 5 days before I went to Perth..sniff sniff. So off to Perth with Apam and Fahmi and met grea guys like Key,Acap Perth and Paan who were terrific hosts and guide. On our first day Perth, we were on our own as our hsts were busy with other incoming Adelaideans who tarnsitted for only the day. So off we go, into the unknown Perth.

To sum up, Perth is a nice, like a smaller version of Sydney, with large bays and blue sea water. The highlight of the first day was Fremantle, a Gelenelg like resort town but even better.Because the place has market which sells great and cheap souvenirs and the sea water is just soo blue.

On the second, day rented a car and went to Lancelin to see some sand dunes!! Nik Faiz went ther when he was in perth a month earlier and the pics were cool. We rented a Getz and drove for about two hours to Lancelin and rented some sand boards. It was worth it. The sand dunes were beautiful and mystifying and we had a lots of laugh rollong and sliding down the dunes. We are accompanied by two great guides, Acap and Key who drove us around Perth after Lancelin,eventhough they were tired.

That was the higlights of our trip.After that,we had dinner with a UniAde alumni who's now a doctor in WA, Dr Rahman. He was really nice and sent us to the airport in his really cool Subaru. Before we went to the airport, we also had some time to 'jalan-jalan' around Perth.Perth is a good place to study IMO. But too bad its too far from other cities.

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