Friday, May 29, 2009

Semester 1 2009

I am going to skip what I did during summer. I just did my practical that's all.

By 26 February, returned to Adelaide after 2 days in brisbane and then a connecting flight to Adelaide via Gold Coast.Don't wanna talk about it.

Anyway, the first semester for 2009 commenced and I, like many other enrolled and began out monotonous lives as students.

I am taking 3 subjects.They are(along with a brief summary of each):
-Aerospace Propulsion: Taught by Dr.Vincent who taught us Space Vehicle Design.Not as exciting as Space Vehicle Design as it involves alot of calculations.
-Computational Fluid Dynamics: About using software to simulate flow environments and aerodynamics. Pretty useful but too difficult!! If I get a CP for this subject I'll just take it. Th elcturer is a Greek called Mr.Farid Christo who likes to touch people too much.
-AIrcraft Design: Taught by the infamous Maziar. As the name of the subject implies, we just spend hours hearing Maziar drone about equations and statistical analysis involved in making aircrafts. Really, the man just dashed my childhood dreams of designing crazy flying now seems so hard.Well, hello Oil and Gas.

Anyway,I've started my Honour project.It has nothing to do with Aerospace stuff unfortunately.The title of our project is 'Optimization of High Performance Pump'.Now, how boring can the name of a project be!!!! Briefly, our project aim is just to test three materials that may be used to replaces the stainless steel used in a pump at Santos Moomba gas processing plant. Santos is just using us a s cheap labour to solve a multi million dollar problem they are facing...corrosion in the pump.Enough talking, just see te pictures of our's pretty cool and we're getting into the erosion corrosion test.

Oh yeah.My prject mates are Apam and Fahad(Bangladeshi Australia lad). They are very cool mates to work with.This picture here is of them setting up erosion corrosion test equipment. They are reallys serious.

Next is the slurry pot holder attached to mixer.Basically it's a big blender. The plan is to rotate the test materials inside a beaker filed with a corrosive substance called the Benfield solution which is sued at the Santos Moomba plant. We want to see which materials suffer the most damage.
We are currently doing the erosion corrosion test.Next would be the friction which our group would design from ground up.It will be a challenging task.If our project gather anough data and perform deep data analysis and solve Santos problems, hopefully we'll get an award.

Anyway, thats' it for the first semester.I'll be updating with smaller and brief entries from now on.The plan I did this blog was to use it as a diary and write teh stuff I did and see. But it's not working as I write by average every six months in this blog..haha.Look forward to the enxt short entry guys!!!

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