Thursday, October 01, 2009

WJL 1244

It was ugly.
It was.
It was a lie, it was not an MPV.It was a Proton.
But we invested our hopes in that little box with wheels.
Hopes for a brighter future.
With its spacious boots, my ferried thousands of Twintech college brocures, into towns,cities and even palm plantations.
The one month worth of Carrefour groceries fits easily into its back space.
It carried the small fridge to my flat at Cemara college INTEC.
With its 1.1 litre engine, the little ugly box with wheels, faithfully carried us to Ipoh, to see my beloved grandparents safely. Of course, it is so slow, so the chance of accidents is less.
It was that little ugly box with wheels, that took us to Kuala Kedah, from which we went to Langkawi or to Lumut, from which we went to Pangkor.
The ugly car could go anywhere other cars can.
But the ugly cars has no status. It is ugly.
It attracts whsipers of evil.
And my mom says.
'I have to protect my name'.
And so,on december 2006.
We left the ugly car, at a proton dealership.
For a new Waja.
The person from the shop, frowned at our ugly box with wheels.
Good riddance?

My mom wanted an MPV.It;s hard falling from ahigh place.At a time when people of her age, level of education and job. She is supposed to be driving a Honda City.But the trend in 2003, was to have MPVs and I could see then that she really liked to have an MPV..especiallt the snobby aunt of mine who snobbishly displayed her new Cheverolet MPV in front of my mom.
As usual, people who are not rich in Malaysian, turn to Proton and they gave us the ugly Juara.
It was not an MPV.But my mom fell from it.
And we became some sort of a joke too.But who cares, We've heard so much from our relatives and our neighbors that we became deaf to their taunts.
We used the ugly box with wheels, just as any car and it served us well.
We invested our hopes in it and it did not fail us.
The ugly box with wheels was with us when my siblings and I were at school when when we were together.So it was a time of youth.A time we had Rayas together, and went on family vacations, with that ugky box with wheels.
That ugly box with wheels was part our joy for almost 5 years.
When we got rid of it, I was to fly to Australia and my bro was going to college.As any family, we are splitting.Meanwhile my mom got a double promotion and her colleagues then were people who drive at least a Toyota Vios. It was if the ugly box with wheels knew, that its time was up. It will never send us to Ipoh or take us to vacations again and that my mom can never feel proud driving it ever again.
And so it left us, or we left it. Ending my colorful youth,
Wherever it is I do not know, I hope it serves its master well as it did us.
Whenever i look back, remisniscing my short youth. The ugly box with wheels,will always be apart of those years of lovely memories with my family.
Thank you for becoming part of our enjoyment..Juara WJL 1244.

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