Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In Melbourne for 7 days.

The girls, Bukhari and I booked Virgin-Blue tickets to Melbourne on the 27th May. We all departed to Melbourne on the 3rd of July at 6.50pm(Adelaide time) and arrived there at 9.00pm(Melbourne time). Starbus, the van service we hied transported us to College Square on Lygon Street for $15/person. Quite exorbitant, now I realize that the ERL train to KLIA is much cheaper. Even the Melbourne Skybus costs $15/person and it will only take us to the city.

Bukhari and I crashed at Saiful Nizam's and Nazir's place. It was so cold at their room. They do not use the heaters to save on the electrical bills...huhu. That night, we spent the night at their common room and played billiard and watched Foxtel(OZ's version of ASTRO). Beat Saiful in billiard, and I was playing for the first timr. I also met Danon, who is now surprisingly partnered with Sharrinie ,Faruq, the insufferable brat and Fendi,our tour guide for the next couple of days.

On the 4th, Bukhari and I followed Saiful Nizam for some shopping in Moreland and Brunswick. For your information, he got lost and spent like half an hour trying to find the halal butcher. It was kinda frustrating but I enjoyed the Middle Eastern environment in Brunswick, so many Middle Eastern shops. We went to Charcoal Chicken fot lunch but the shop closed, ended up eating at a neighbouring restaurant which also serves chicken and loads of chips. Later in the evening after Asar prayers un an inconspicuous mosque inside a shop, we went to Savers. Bought a green and black striped sweater and an oversize jacket which I regret buying. After dinner at College Square, the girls and I (Bukhari disappeared with his 'members') went to Yarra River to see the Hellfire. Hellfire is actually several rectangular pillars that vomit flames during the night every hour. It was amusing and interesting. The girls and I had fun taking pictures at a fountain, I got a bit wet. Met Bukhari near the Yarra river and he joined us. I really like Melbournes's skyline during the night, the city looks beautiful. I also realized the city centre is as big as I anticipated, KL is bigger and have a more vibrant nightlife. In Melbourne(or any Asutralian cities and towns) all the shops closes at 5.00pm except for the Crown shopping complex which has a cinema and a casino.

On the 5th, the girls, some Melbournian girls,Bukhari and I embarjed to Clayton to meet friends. On the way, we visited the Melbourne Museum. Students enter for free. The exhibits were very interesting, they range from animals, the earlier computers, dinosaurs, bugs and the human anatomy(comprising of several statues of naked people of all ages and short movie of a woman giving birth, ouch!). It was worth the time. Back outside, we sauntered at a nearby park taking pictures a grand colonial buidling which is also an exam hall for Melbourne Uni students while the Melbourne girls perform prayers near a fountain. I envy them, UniAde exam hall is a warehouse. Later, we took the tram to Melbourne central and took the train to Clayton. The train is punctual and clean, I enjoyed the ride but it does not have a very good view during the journey. Arrived at Clayton in the evening, had late lunch at the Clayton girls house and crashed at the Clayton boys house for the night, there we later received Fendi with Syah,mi and Zainul from Sydney. Had more chicken for dinner at Clayton Chicken. About Monash Uni,it looks OK, but the suburb is kinda mundane.I'd say the Monash Uni in Malaysia is better. No wonder the Clayton boys always escape to Melbourne every weekend when they can afford it...hehe. Their rented houses were also in bad shape. The girls houses are clean but the boys' house is horrible. The house could look nice if they take good care of it, but then again, they are selfish Malay boys.

On the 6th, the Clayton boys,Fendi,Bukhari,2 Clayton girls, Sahrrinie and I embarked to Arthur seat. Took a 1 hour journey to Frankston to find the cable seat to Arthur is closed due to a recent accident. Had fish and chips at Franskton and then departed to Stony Point, a jetty with ferry services to Phillip Island, where penguins live. After the 45 minute train ride, we arrived at Stony Point at 5.00pm and took pictures for 30 minutes. Later we discovered the next train would arrived at 7.15pm!!! We hang around fo2 hours before we finaly returned to Clayton. That night, Fendi, Syahmi, Zainul and I departed to Melbourne city. At the city, while in a tram, several Yarra Tram officers conducted raids to fine people who do not have tickets. One white girl was fined $150. Later we saw her left the tram and enter a bar. It must be so embarrassing.That night, we(plus Faruq) went to the city by foot at midnight for some kebabs and took more pictures of the city.

The next day on the 7th, I met Ridhuan Ali, my roomate in INTEC. He loolks fine but started to use 'Saya' and "Kamu' instead of "Aku' and 'Kau'. Apparently, he has joined the 'Usrah', a group of Malaysian students who suddenly become religious and started avoiding the opposite sex(Malaysian Muslims only, it's OK to talk to infidels of the opposite sex) as much as possible. Thank god he still he retains his sense of humor and is still the same Ridhuan Ali I have known in Malaysia. Sometimes I think the other non-Usrah boys were just making exaggerated stuff about Ridhuan. Later, Fendi, Zainul, Syahmi and I departed to Melbourne Uni for Friday prayers, The prayer ended just as we arrived at the prayer hall...huhu. Went to the Uni library to borrow some DVDs-Terminator 2, Chocolat, Mr Bean and 2 stupid documentaries which we thought were movies. Early that night, we marineted 10kg of chicken for Saturday night's AUSMAT 16 BBQ while watching Terminator 2. Later, around 8.00pm, the Adelaide folks and I along with some Melbourne folks went to the observation deck at some tall building(I don't know the building's name!!!) to get a bird's eye view of Melbourne city. The city looks beautiful and we watched the Hellfire spit fire along the Yarra River from the observation deck.

On Saturday, 8th June, Fendi, ZAinul, the newly arrived Reez from Canberra and I went to Moreland again to buy some stuff for Sunday's Mt.Buller trip.Meanwhile, Bukhari, as usual disappears to the Great Ocean Road for the whole day with his 'members'. Fendi gave us a treat at Charcoal Chicken (open this time) at Brunswick and later we had to help carry Fendi's shoppings. Practically, we shopped the whole day and travelled Melbourne at the same time. It's amazing that Fendi knows the city so well, I bet he'll live here in the future, he's so proud of Melbourne. That night, after helping Fendi boiling eggs for tomorrw's trip's suppy of Nasi Lemak, we had barbie at the common room and watched The Terminal. Wanted to watch the movie until the end but decided to help Fendi fry the chicken and make Tuna sandwiches since he's been so helpful and taking me around Melbourne.

On the 9th, everyone woke up at 6.00 am to prepare for the trip to Mt.Buller. Surprisingly, everyone made it in tim(I guess Malaysians are so desperetae to see snow for the first time) and we promptly departed on a chartered bus at 7.00am. Slept all the way until the journey up the mountain to Mt. Bullert.The mountain and the forest was beautiful, and felt like I was on my way to Cameron Highlands. Arrived at the snowy top at noon we hired some winter clothes at a shop and had Nasi Lemak for dinner. At 1.00pm,we arrived at the ski range by shuttle bus and most of us rent skis and snowboards eventhough we don't know how to ski or snowboard. I rented a pair of skis($30!!). Spent 3 hours figuring how to ski and brake, I managed to ski but failed to learn how to brake and ended fallling many times. The girls were also doing more acrobatic stunts than skiing. Later at 3.00pm, some of us got tired , returned the skis and had some hot latte and hot chocolate at a cafe. After waiting for the others for an hour, we decided to return to the chartered bus and return the rented winter gears. Apparently, the others who remain at the ski range do not realize that bus driver was damn serious that they should come down at 4.30pm as the roads to Mt.Buller is closed when it's dark and the driver was threatening to leave without our late comoanions. Fortunately, the driver was patient and waited as our very very late companions descend from Mt. Buller and we departed for Melbourne at 6.00pm. The driver must have a poor perception of us Malaysians on that day. It's hard to travel with a bunch of selfish young adults who don't care that their stupid acts could cause problems to other people.Tsk..tsk...tsk...sometimes I am 'menyampah' being around with such Malays. Arrived at College Square at around 9.30pm , watched Conan the Barbarian and slept at 1.00am.

On the last day in Melbourne. I spent the whole day at College Square watching TV, resting and trying to warm myself as much as possible as it's damn cold.Meanwhilw, Bukhari again diappeared with his 'members'. Met Ridhuan ALi after noon and chated with him for a while while I pack my stuff. At 4.00pm,we went down to wait for the Starbus taxi to pick us up and took pictures with our Melbourne friends. At 4.30pm sharp, Starbus arrived and we said farewell to College Square and our friends. At 8.30pm, we were safely back at the Village in Adelaide, where we have heaters for 24 hours and the 7 day trip to Melbourne finally dissolves into another memory.

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