Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why 'The Looking Blog'.



The Looking Blog will feature pictures of Australia, in which I am studying. As a Malaysian,I enjoy looking for something new in this Australian environment .Hence the name of this blog.

The pictures below are of the cities of Adelaide and Melbourne.I shall post more pictures in the future.


^Adelaide city. View from my room.

^Me at a street in Melbourne.

^Me, besides the Yarra river,Melbourne.

^Bonyton Hall,UniAde,Adelaide.

^The Elder Conservatory of Music Hall,UniAde,Adelaide.

^Posh apartments at Glenelg,Adelaide.Viewed from the jetty.

^Me beside a new tram at Glenelg,Adelaide.

^A colonial building at Glenelg,Adelaide.

Old Adelaide trams,Victoria Square tram station,Adelaide.

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Farah Fatah said...

Hi Kamal,

Happy Birthday Son!

It is good to hear that you enjoy Australia!
Take good care of your self.

We miss you so much.

Auntie Fafa, Mama and Adik-adik.