Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reinvigorating this blog.

Hi, it's been like a year since my lasy entry, what a disgrace I am,a s a blogger.

So I will revive this blog and will try to constantly add pics and my thoughts here. Consider this my nre resolution for my birthday.

So what's happened since June 4
-Went through second sem 2006 with no incident
-Went back to Malaysia and spent time with my family, visiting my grandfather's grave....
-Start sem 1 2007
-Went to Tasmania
-Did the semester exam and got TWO supplementary exams...I really fell and it hurts.

The most interesting event since last year was the trip to Tasmania with my friends Fendi who organized the whole trip.We wemnt to Tasmania from Melbourne by flight andexplored Hobart for two days. The city was dead because we came during Easter. Places of interests were Salamanca market and the jetty. We were accommodated in a backpacking hostel which was very clean and warm(Tasmania is soo cold), it was my first experience staying in such accommodation.Other things worth mentioning is that we met two emale Malaysian students,at Salamanca market, their colorful veils betrayed them while anothe Malaysian guy brought us pizza during our las night at Hobart. After the two days expired, we went up North, where we hope to see more interesting stuff meanwhile during the second day in Hobart, we visited a prison Museum called Port Arthur. Apparently it was the first juvenile prison in the world and a place where convicst or unwanted citizens in England were deported ,even for petty crimes. The place was kinda gloomy and BIG, walking around the prison and taking the boat to Point Puer, the site of the Juvenile prison and listen to the guide lecturing bout its history was kinda exhausting, all despite that, the places still intrigues, in a rather creepy way. Overall, Hobart is a pleasant city, the houses hugging the hills makes the city looks soo photogenic, as if we're looking at a postcard picture. Hobart also had its own of Rundle Mall, somplete with Picasso-like pigs.

After the two days in Hobart we expired, we went up North, passing quiet and quaint villages, which were affected economically when a new highway diverted traffic from these towns. We stopped at a town for some refreshments and boughy myself a soggy tomato sandwiches and a delicious 'apple turnover'. On the same day, we visited a beach with strange rock formations, as if ot was carved by humans. We walked along the beach, enjoying the warm air and breeze.We laughed alot and I got my shoes wet.

Our next interesting destination was the Marapooka cave. It was founded by two farmer boys when they chased a rogue sheep into the cave. The boys kept the place secret from everyone and explored the cae themselves, the cave is 1.6km long. Eventually the father knew and opened the place to tourists ,but the plae was eventuallu taken over by the state with some compensation to the farmer.What makes the cave so special is the word 'droppings' aka 'shit'. Apparently, there some type of worms on the ceilings of the cave which excrete its 'droppings which glows in the dark, when the guide turned off the light in the cve, it was as if we're looking at the stars. We made sure we closed our mouth, don't what shit fallling into my mouth.

Our next major destination is the Cradle Mountain National Park. We stayed at a cabin lodging after arriving in the evening. Our accommodation was near to the forest so we occasionally saw fat rogue wallabies.The next day, we venture into the National Park. We split into two groups, I followed Fendi and four others and began our trail randomly.We spent three to four hours walking and climbing until we reached the peak of a ountain. It was my second mountain that I climbed since Mt.Jerai!!! I felt so accomplished.Then it took about two hours to get back down again.And we ended the day, exhausted.

We left the National Park the next day, going to a Norther Tasmanian city which name I forgot to catch our cruise ship back to Melbourne. We arrived at 4.30 pmto get some food until some of us were out too long that our guide says he had to leave them to ake the taxi. Two of us had the most expensive dinner so to say. The 'Spirit of Tasmanis' was splendid. It was big and red, it was going to be my first cruise ship journey. Fendi, our leader, somehow got the bunk rooms for a cheaper price, if not we'd have gotten lousy seats. Fendi is the incarnation of the phrase 'Don't judge a book by its cover. The journey consumed 10 hours and it feels great. We spent ourselves silly taking pics, buying 'made in China' souvenirs and drinking hot chocolate. I hit the bed early due to exhaustion while the girls continue their girly activities on the deck. And the journey to Tasmania...morped into another sweet memory.

Thanks to Intan, Kema, Deva, Amanika,Aaron and his girlfriend, Bang Khai,Ashwinna, another Indian girl whose nmae I forgot(soory!!) and most of all Fendi, our marvellous group leader. Thanks for being good companions during the trip!!!

Pics to come later

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